I'm a web developer with a strong passionate in coding and learning things. I enjoy creating beautiful websites and web applications. Have good eyes for design and typography, high attention to detail. I have enough self-consciousness and patience to spend most time front of laptop to self-study with online resources, courses and reading blogs.

Creative, flexible and hardworking teamate.


  • Highly skilled in creating performant HTML, CSS
  • Experienced with Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, Frameworks (.NET Framework, Zend, Laravel, Rails)
  • Proficient with Version Control Systems (Git), Boostrap, Terminal/ZSH, MSSQL, PostgresSQL, Docker
  • Skilled in creating Style Guides, Responsive Web Development with a Desktop First approach,
  • Knowledgeable about Adruino, JavaScript, Data Structure & Algorithm, familar with Maths

Work Experience

Web Development Intern

Act Brain Vietnam Corporation (HCMC)
Sep 2019 – Dec 2019

Working with BPOShinjin (Team-size: 10+)
- Write front-end and back-end code (using Zend Framework)
- Increase performance of queries
- Write PHP Unit Test
- Do Integration Test for other co-workers

Fresher Web Developer

Act Brain Vietnam Corporation (HCMC)
Jan 2020 – Mar 2020

Participate in Next Cafe (Team-size: 10+)
- Write PHP Unit Test
- Do Integration Test for other co-workers

Volunteer Experience


SheCodes Hackathon (HCMC)
Jun 2020 – July 2020

SheCodes Vietnam is a non-profit organization that encourages women to participate in the field of Information Technology, thereby gradually closing the gender gap in this field.

Vice President of Club

FPT Basketball Club (University)
Sep 2017 – Present

A basketball club in my university. I joined the club from the beginning. We practice hard and harder. And again, we won some tournaments. It is great to live with your passions.

Head of IT Department

Young Creators Club (High School)
Sep 2015 – May 2017

A club for young creators in my high school. I joined the club from the very first day of me in high school, with my passion for science and a lot of contributing to club's event, I've been promoted to the head of IT department.


Lac Acoustic Club (High School)
Sep 2016 – May 2017

An acoustic music club in my high school. I and my friends formed this club to have a place to play guitar, drums and share with each other, and perform some mini-concerts in my school.

President of Club

AH-Team (High School)
Sep 2016 – May 2017

A basketball club in my high school. I joined the club and participated many tournaments with team when I was a 1st year student. After got some medals, I was voted for the head position. We share our hobbies together, play together and win together.


Software Engineering

FPT University (HCMC)
2017 - 2021

Currently Junior with 50% 4-years Scholarship

IT Specialized Class

Le Quy Don Gifted High School (Da Nang)
2014 - 2017

Graduated with GPA 8.5/10



Personal CV with HTML/CSS


Soccer Field Management System, for Field Owner and Admin to manage booking, promotion, stadium, etc. using Laravel


Mobile version for Soccer Field Management System, help Player (user) to find and book easily on their phone, using React Native


A Task Management App for PRM311 course, build by React Native


An API for Paper app to handle backend, using Laravel

The Smart Bots System

IoT project - cheap solution for smarthome, a network consists of multiple bots, helps people in control of electronics by attaching these bots onto the switch, button, plug,... instead of replaces them. Contest in many major competitions in Vietnam and won high prizes. Built on top of Laravel, NodeJS, and Arduino, Intel Edison.


A travel website - personal project for PRJ321, build on top of Java


Discover, plan and book your perfect trip with expert advice, travel guides, destination


A library of C/C++ source code


  • 1st Place at Viet Nam Science and Engineering Fair (ViSEF) Regional 2017
  • 1st Place at Group D3, Young Information and Technology Regional 2017
  • 2nd Place at Group D3, Young Information and Technology National 2017
  • 3rd Place at Vifotec National 2017 with SmarBots Project
  • 3rd Place at Young Maker Challenger National 2017
  • 3rd Place at Robodnic Da Nang 2017 with LQD-Inventors Team
  • 2nd Place at Student Contest 2016